i am tired.

i’ve worked too hard and too long, everyday explaining your privilege to you. i never know the best way to tell you. i can never open my mouth, and say “you’re racist.” because we know your answer to that. you’re unappreciative. telling a group of black people that they are too loud, when we never uttered a word. your eyes fail to notice the others who are of your skin complexion. but your eyes never fail to be quick and glare at those whose skin color is darker than yours. you love learning about new cultures, but when will you learn mine. show me what you’ve learned. eating chipotle and indian cuisine does not mean you’ve learned a new culture. culturally appropriating by wearing an african dress does not mean you’ve learned a new culture. saying como estas or nagadef does not mean you appreciate a different culture. your privilege is painted permanently on your white skin. you do not associate yourself with us, “black people.” you try to forget that you’re white. but how can you? you say that i should forget about my skin tone, but how can i? i am black. how can i forget who i am when i am faced with bigotry for my skin color? tell me.