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Month: July 2019

African Woman’s 20 Somethings.

When I had turned 22 (like six months ago) I asked myself a crucial question. What is it like to be in your 20s as an African woman? I had to reflect because as an African woman who is now 22 years old, I’m overwhelmed. There’s so many things happening during this time. At this point, I feel all sorts of emotions and I’m constantly overthinking. And I love when people tell me to stop overthinking. How can I stop? But no seriously, it’s been a rough journey (I know-… Read more African Woman’s 20 Somethings.

“Where’s your husband, Diakha?”

I know, another blog post about marriage. I’m sorry but when you’re a 22 year old African woman, you are constantly asked about marriage. I recently had a conversation with an aunt of mine and this conversation left me confused. This is how the conversation went down— Aunt: do you have a husband yet?  Me: no not yet but auntie I’m gradu- Aunt: no do you have a husband? Are you talking to anyone? Do you want to get married?  Me: yes aunty, of course, but I’m gradua- Aunt: You… Read more “Where’s your husband, Diakha?”