Black Lives Matter EVERYDAY.

Have you ever stood up in front of your class to present, and you can feel your heart sink, all eyes on you? Your hands clammy, a heavy lump that you can’t seem to swallow in your throat? You feel your legs shaking and you try to move it, just to shake off the feeling?

You know this feeling. It’s too common. This is how I have been feeling lately while taking in all of the information in the media. Promising myself to take breaks, but wanting to be updated every minute.

I’ve been trying to figure out ways to process everything. Finding ways to be useful, share information, and not let my anger get the best of me. Last year, I found myself educating people on white privilege. I noticed how exhausted I was talking about racism- the constant need to educate. It took a while for me to realize it was not my duty to educate people on White America.

I noticed that educating people who refuse to acknowledge their privilege is a waste of time. Why do Black people have to educate White people, the same people who created this system that BENEFITS them on racism? On racial privilege? On why our lives matter? And for those who are going to their friends saying, “educate me.” Please go and educate yourself. We are not here to educate you. You have resources. For my non-Black people who are letting their families talk shit at the dinner table, use your voice. For those who are dating or married to Black people, use your privilege. Stand up. Speak up. Your silence does absolutely nothing for us. For those who love Black culture, and thrive off of it, use your voice. You can talk about Black music, and how great it makes you feel, but you’re quiet when Black people are being killed? No, use your voice. For those who constantly say the N word, and think there’s nothing wrong with saying it, where is your voice now?

For my “slavery has ended, get over it” people, what do you have to say now? For my “All lives matter” people, how do you explain our blood in the hands of White America? For my “I’m color blind- I do not see color” people, how do you explain why BLACK people are constantly being killed? For my “I’m staying neutral” people, what is staying neutral going to do? For my “enough is enough” people, yeah we know, is that all you have to say?

To really understand Black people’s experiences in White America, you must start somewhere. Reading is a great way to start. Here are some books and podcast you can learn from.


and there’s more. I will create a separate post with more books. Here is a podcast which talks about race and culture:

Now, here is how you can support during this time:

Do your part. Black Lives Matter EVERYDAY. There’s no reason as to why you cannot use your voice.


Down below, you will find more information on how to support small Black owned businesses. This was organized by Alexis Akarolo. You can contact Alexis and donate through the following link:

I will update this post as much as possible.

Last updated: 06/01/2020

Thank you for reading. Written by Diaka Thiam.