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Month: April 2022

Ramadan Series??? A Gentle Reminder

Author’s Note: LOL, not me starting this series and completely neglecting it. But hey! I was focused this Ramadan. I can’t believe Ramadan is ending soon. SubhanAllah. I wanted to journal every week, but your girl was focused on other things.  For my brothers and sisters, I am so proud of you. I hope you are proud of yourselves too. I wanted to take this time to give you gentle reminders. During this holy month, you may have been more present. You may have gotten closer to Allah. You may… Read more Ramadan Series??? A Gentle Reminder

Ramadan Series: The Gift of Pausing

Recently, I experienced something that frustrated me on my first day of Ramadan. This Holy month is about detachment from my desires and distractions. It’s about getting closer to Allah. It’s about being present and mindful of my thoughts and actions. This month is my restart for the year to cleanse my mind and soul. To heal, reflect, and give. Although life continues, Allah provides us with a chance to pause during this month. And that’s what I chose to do this year- learn how to pause. You’re right; I… Read more Ramadan Series: The Gift of Pausing