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Current Read: Hood Feminism

Current Listen: Love in Colour

Last Listen & Read: A Woman is No Man

I cried. I don’t know why I keep reading books that continue to make me cry, but this book was too good and bittersweet. Isra is a Palestinian girl taken from her home for marriage. I should say she was forced to marry at the age of 17. She is sent to America to live with her thirty something year old husband and his family. Throughout her marriage, she is depressed and abused. She is not given any freedom to go out, or even go to school- constantly cooking and cleaning. The book follows three women/girls- Isra, Deya (her daughter), and Faridah (her mother-in law). I’ve never related so much to a book, more so a character. There is a lot of similarity between Palestinian women and African women. We do not realize how much the cultures and men in these cultures view women. It was an amazing read. I could not stop reading!

Last Listen: The Other Black Girl

This book! I wanted to fight the characters so bad. It was that good. I decided to keep trying the audiobook thing, and see where it goes. This time, I enjoyed listening to a book. Nella works for this publishing company and she is the only Black girl in her department. She is an editorial assistant, and dreams to move up at this company. However, things take a turn when another Black girl is hired. Nella is thrilled, but she never sees what’s coming for her. I loved the thriller part of this book because it encouraged me to keep reading, but I was disappointed by the ending of it. I loved how whenever I thought I understood where the author was going with the book, she took a deep crazy turn with her plot. I could not stop listening to this book even while I was at work. I recommend this book for those looking for a book with plenty of plot twists and includes Black characters in the work place!

Last Read: Such a Fun Age

I have never related to a character this much. No wait, I am lying. I have a great taste in books. No, but seriously, this book was so good. I couldn’t put it down. I bought a physical copy of it at Sam’s Club for $11. It was a quirky and funny read, which I desperately needed after reading sad books. Emira is a 25 year old Black woman who does not know herself. She is struggling with life, and just wants a good job that will offer her benefits. She is a nanny for Alix, a white woman who somewhat knows herself, has her career, and little family. The book focuses on these two women and the impact they will have on each other. I related to Emira a lot, and I am not going to lie, I enjoyed the ending of this book. I recommend this book if you’re looking for something super modern!

Last Listen: Aftershocks

If you know me, you know I love memoirs. I haven’t read a great memoir in a while, and this one was it. Nadia Owusu takes us back to her childhood and how her circumstances have led her to where she is now (in the book). She is candidly poetic. I was in awe by the way she describes her trauma, and how it followed her throughout her life. Her relationship with her mother was relatable. I highly recommend this book. I listened to the audiobook, I believe it was read by her!

Last Read: His Only Wife

Afi, a young Nigerian woman, is marrying a man she doesn’t know too well. She has to marry him because her mother told her to. After all, the man that she’s marrying has done a lot for her. Eli, her husband, has another woman and child. A beautiful Liberian woman that his family despises and he cannot seem to let her go. Afi tries everything to get him, even going against her own mother. I read this book in one day. It was that good. The ending got me though, because that was not the ending I expected for Afi. I wanted more for her, and I also wish the readers got Muna, the Liberian woman’s perspective. I love stories like this because I can always relate to the main character. I highly recommend.

Last Read: Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil is about a Nigerian boy, Niru, who’s battling with his sexuality and African parents. One day, his father finds something on his phone, and becomes furious. Throughout the book, Niru is coming into terms with his sexual orientation, even if it means being forced to travel to Nigeria to become “heterosexual.” This was an interesting read. Although it’s fiction, Niru’s story is very similar to many teenagers who identify as LGBTQA+. There’s no denying it. However, I felt as though the book was rushed. Niru’s fate at the end was heartbreaking and the fact that Iweala decided to end the book with Meredith didn’t sit right with me. I still recommend it because it was beautifully written.

Last Read: The Girl With the Louding Voice

The Girl with the Louding Voice is about a Nigerian girl, Adunni, who is forced to marry an old man by her father. To her father, it was the only way to get money. Adunni escapes child marriage in hopes of getting an education. Instead, she is faced with brutal obstacles while in the city of Lagos. I finished this book, I think two months ago? What an amazing read. At first I was surprised by the way the book was written. It was of course in the main characters voice, but it was the way she spoke. She spoke in broken english, which I appreciated. I loved that Abi Dare did that because it truly brought the main character to life. Her story is touching. There were moments I cried, and moments I laughed. I grew to love Adunni, and only wanted the best for her. Truly an inspiring read and I recommend it!