you are not alone.

In my house, being a housewife is more important than being an educated woman. When I say that I must complete my homework, they say, you must cook first. I’m not saying that housewives are not educated. But the matter of the fact is, my education is meaningful. It is all I have. It is all I cherish. I do not know anything besides my education. They want me to be successful but how will I when they take my Sundays away. Days that I use to study and complete the things needed to be completed. I am lost and frustrated. No one is here to support me. It’s like I’m doing this for myself now, I’m no longer doing it for them because they never cared. I swear if they cared, they would understand. But they do not understand. I am 20 years of age, yet I do not know who I am as a person. I do not know my purpose in this world. I am always questioning my life; I question whether I belong in this world. I do everything possible to be a good daughter and do what is asked of me. Yet, I’m a disappointment because I lack wife material skills or housewife skills. I’m trying to be more positive and learn to deal with the struggles and obstacles that Allah has faced me with. It is so hard but I push through everyday. I just want to be a happy person. Deep inside, however, I’m this lonely girl who has lost all hope of life. Life to me is so meaningless. I am in a cage and I do not know when I will be released. I honestly have faith in Allah, and I believe that a lot of things happen for a reason. And that everyone is battling something. However there are some people who just cannot endure the pain anymore. They become so numb that they cannot cope any longer. I do not want to be at that point in life. I will continue to pray for Allah to give me the strength. Everyone should know that life is a gift and it is precious. You just have to carry it and think of it as a gift. You must handle it with kindness, care, and joy. You must be able to cherish every moment of it no matter what obstacles or struggles you are going through. You must love, and be patient with God. With every battle comes with a success. You will not endure this hardship and pain forever. Throughout your life, love and happiness will find you. Anger and sadness will also find you. It’s the gift of life. You must withstand and fight your battles. You’re not alone. Remember that. You are not alone and you will never be.

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