The Six Suitors (#1)


Hello! New blog post, who this? I hope you are well! I wanted to change it up a bit, there’s this story I have been wanting to write for a while. I decided to make it a series on this blog. Enjoy our first post of Jeneba’s journey to choosing a husband.

Jeneba glanced at her first aunt, Tanti Ne. Her mouth was moving, forming words that Jeneba could not hear. Maybe she was praying for her. Jeneba hoped she was praying for her. Today was the day.

“Jeneba!” Tanti Ne yelled from across the room. Jeneba blinked quickly, still keeping her gaze on Tanti Ne. They were standing in Jeneba’s small room. The room she would be leaving behind soon. The room she shared with her younger sister, who was now excited to no longer share the room.

“Yes, Tanti Ne, I am listening.” She said, letting her lips curl up into a tight smile. Tanti Ne’s painted red lips curled up into a genuine smile, revealing the big gap between her two front teeth. Her dark skin covered with tinted maquillage and head wrap sitting high on her head as if a crown, she was ready.

“Everyone is waiting for you downstairs, please do not disappoint us. Your parents have chosen good men for you. I really like the tall one- what’s his name?”

Jeneba scrunched her face up. “Hamza.” She replied. Tanti Ne did not know that Jeneba knew each of these men. She was not letting her parents fool her. After her parents told her about these men, she took her time in getting to know each of them before the big day.

Tanti Ne took a few steps towards her. “May Allah choose the right husband for you.”

Why would she even say that? Jeneba thought. She bit her bottom lip to keep from making a comment. She nodded her head in agreement.


Downstairs, Jeneba sat next to her parents facing the six men. On the other side of the room, her aunts, uncles, and relatives of the men gathered. Six men. They all gazed at Jeneba. She knew she was looking good. Her royal blue dress suited her dark complexion. Each of the men wore a royal blue African attire to match Jeneba.

Jeneba felt her mother move. She stood up from her seat and faced the crowd. “I would like to thank everyone for being here today. You all know we have been searching for a husband for our first daughter. Now, we have six men who want to marry her. They will each introduce themselves to her and she will choose.”

Simple right? Too simple, especially for Jeneba. What if I never met these men? They would’ve set me up for a failed marriage.. Jeneba thought.

Her father stood up, clearing his throat. “Each men will get a chance to introduce themselves to our daughter. She will ask you three questions and you must answer it, truthfully.”

Tonto Ali moved away from the crowds and stood in the middle. This was a show. It was as if they had a rehearsal. Jeneba wanted to laugh because this felt like the Bachelorette, but the African version. However, the plot twist was that she knew who she was going to pick.

“I would like to introduce each suitor. Samba, Thierno, Hamza, Khalil, Mohammed, and Boubacar. The first to stand in the middle is Samba.”

Samba. The unaffectionate man.

Look out for Samba’s story in the next blog post! Who will Jeneba choose? Thank you for reading 🙂

Written by Diaka Thiam

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