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Category: Poems

self hate blame

Mama, I’m sorry. I am not the perfect daughter you have always dreamed of. Instead I am your nightmare. Praying to God for me While I squeeze your heart, till it begins to bleed black You approach me with kindness Your words melting into my ears, But mama, I am broken. I can never be fixed. Eleven years of pain was enough The things you did for me Ungrateful child, I am Mama, I beg you, Keep on, Praying for me. For God is on your side, And will be… Read more self hate blame

mother diaries.

There are times when I am given a look of disappointment from my mother as if I was the wrong fetus that was in her womb for nine months. I sit and I wait. I do everything possible to please a woman who sees me as- a regret? I am behind a wall that infringes me from touching and feeling an unwanted love from who I call mother, and who calls me- useless. I will now become useless and her- she will become mother, to me in anyway possible because… Read more mother diaries.