self hate blame

Mama, I’m sorry.

I am not the perfect daughter you have always dreamed of.

Instead I am your nightmare.

Praying to God for me

While I squeeze your heart, till it begins to bleed black

You approach me with kindness

Your words melting into my ears,

But mama,

I am broken.

I can never be fixed.

Eleven years of pain was enough

The things you did for me

Ungrateful child, I am


I beg you,

Keep on,

Praying for me.

For God is on your side,

And will be on mine…

For sure.

2 thoughts on “self hate blame

  1. You might think I don’t know how you feel, but I do. Tell your mama you’re stronger than she thinks, tell her your mistake happened cos you’re human, things have changed now that her youthful days are behind, and if you beat yourself up, your courage will die, your life is perfect cos every single mistake you’ve experienced…

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