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self hate blame

Mama, I’m sorry. I am not the perfect daughter you have always dreamed of. Instead I am your nightmare. Praying to God for me While I squeeze your heart, till it begins to bleed black You approach me with kindness Your words melting into my ears, But mama, I am broken. I can never be fixed. Eleven years of pain was enough The things you did for me Ungrateful child, I am Mama, I beg you, Keep on, Praying for me. For God is on your side, And will be… Read more self hate blame

yes honey, representation matters.

I’ve come to realize that I love watching biographical films. They are fascinating and much more interesting than any other genre in my opinion. I remember watching the biographical film of Nina Simone, which is called Nina. The film was okay, it could have been better, but I’m not here to talk about the deliverance of the film. Let’s discuss the actress who was playing Nina Simone: Zoe Saldana. Saldana is clearly light skinned. Yet, Nina Simone was a dark skinned woman. Ask yourself this, why would a director choose… Read more yes honey, representation matters.


i am tired. i’ve worked too hard and too long, everyday explaining your privilege to you. i never know the best way to tell you. i can never open my mouth, and say “you’re racist.” because we know your answer to that. you’re unappreciative. telling a group of black people that they are too loud, when we never uttered a word. your eyes fail to notice the others who are of your skin complexion. but your eyes never fail to be quick and glare at those whose skin color is… Read more complex

you are not alone.

In my house, being a housewife is more important than being an educated woman. When I say that I must complete my homework, they say, you must cook first. I’m not saying that housewives are not educated. But the matter of the fact is, my education is meaningful. It is all I have. It is all I cherish. I do not know anything besides my education. They want me to be successful but how will I when they take my Sundays away. Days that I use to study and complete… Read more you are not alone.