Black Thorns: The Sensitive Black Woman

I have always wanted to become a published author. Here it is. My first ever book. This book is a collection of most of my poems. I am excited to share this work with you all. Some of the poems I actually performed. I want to thank the people who motivated me to keep writing. I love writing, and I want to continue to share my work.

The Ebook/Kindle version will be published on June 1st on Amazon. You can pre-order it through here:

The paperback version is now live and you can get it here:

Please leave a review on Amazon! Your reviews matter to me. Let me know your experiences with my work (your favorite poem?) Also, if you want to, send me a picture of you and your copy of the book! (:

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on any of my social media pages or email:

Thank you! Happy reading 🙂

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