The Six Suitors (#3)


Hello! We are back with our newest series. I hope you are all well! Last time we met Samba, this post will focus on Thierno’s story. Enjoy!

“Never wash the dishes. Let your sisters do it!” When Thierno first heard this from his late mother, he was in the kitchen. At the age of eight, he was refrained from touching anything in the sink. He was refrained from even entering the kitchen. What did his mother call him? The Prince of the house. And his sisters were called peasants.

His sisters did everything in the house. From cooking, cleaning, cutting the grass, and taking out the trash. As the prince of the house, he was not allowed to do his sisters duties. Thierno never questioned his mother. When his mother passed away, his sisters moved out of the house. How could he be the prince of the house when he no longer had his sisters? Mariama, the oldest, got married to an American man. Bineta got an apartment with Hasinatou. Aminata, the one born before Thierno moved to her new school. All of them leaving Thierno, the baby and only boy in the house to take care of himself.

Thierno took his spot in the middle. He needed a wife, and Jeneba was perfect for him. When his uncle told him about Jeneba needing a husband, he jumped at the opportunity.

“Salaam. My name is Thierno Diallo and I am twenty-one years old. I work as a mechanic at Salif’s Mechanic Shop. I do plan on going to college to finish my education. I am young, but I know I would be a great husband for Jeneba. She needs a man like me to take of her and make her feel like a special woman. I can-“

“That’s enough.” Jeneba interrupted. Did Thierno say something wrong?

Jeneba glanced at Tonto Ali. He nodded his head, signaling something to her. She pressed her lips together tightly then opened her mouth. What was wrong? Thierno was ready to answer her questions.

“Thierno Diallo, how do you plan on supporting our household?” Jeneba asked.

Thierno smirked. An easy question. “Of course like Samba said, pay all the bills. “

“That’s all?” He was trying to understand Jeneba’s reactions. There was no smile.

“Yes, sweetheart. If I am working every day to make sure our bills are paid, you need to be taking care of me. As my wife, you would be cooking, cleaning, taking care of our many kids.” What more did Jeneba want? As an African woman, was she not raised to take care of the household? Was she not a peasant like his sisters?

“Next question, would you marry a second wife? If so, why?”

Thierno never met his father, who apparently was back in Guinea with his second wife. After he was born, his father was deported back home. Fortunately, his mother had her green card. The thought of a second wife has crossed Thierno’s mind a few times. He knew he was not financially ready for another woman. Jeneba alone was expensive.

“I would marry a second wife because I have that right as a Muslim man. But, as my wife, you do not have to worry about that until later.”

Jeneba laughed. Thierno smiled wondering what was funny. Tonto Ali gave her a stern look.

“Okay, last question- what makes you different from the other suitors sitting behind you?”

How could he answer this question? He didn’t know the other suitors well enough. He has to say something that stands out. Something the other suitors would never tell anyone unless asked.

“I am a virgin.”

The crowd laughed.

“Thank you for your answers, Thierno Diallo. You may sit down.” Tonto Ali took his place in the middle, ready to introduce the next suitor.

Mohamed. The lying man.

Look out for Mohamed’s story in the next blog post! Do we like Thierno? Thank you for reading! 🙂

Written by Diaka Thiam

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