The Six Suitors (#4)


Hello my wonderful readers! We are back with our newest series. I hope you are all well. Last time we met Thierno, this post will focus on Mohamed’s story. Enjoy!

“For twenty-seven years, I have given myself to you. I have done everything for you Aladji and this is how you repay me?”

Mohamed always heard his mother say this after his father brought home a new wife. His father would always introduce them as his “aunts.” At the age of 13, he finally understood. When he saw his father sneaking out of his mother’s room to go into Tanti Anta’s room, he knew. There was no need to question it. His three aunties had their own room in their mid sized home, but when the siblings started to arrive, they had to move into a bigger home.

His father was a charismatic lawyer, always knew the right things to say. But he struggled with being honest. Mohamed’s mother tolerated it all for twenty-seven years. Every time his father brought home a new wife, he would lie to her and say, there was a sister of his from Senegal that was coming to America. The first “sister” he brought was twenty-one. His father went back to Senegal to marry her, then brought her to America. The entire family kept it hidden from his mom.

Mohamed knew he did not want to get married, especially to Jeneba. However, Jeneba’s father was a rich man with plenty of connections. There was an important man Jeneba’s father was in connection with, and this man is the only person that could advance Mohamed’s career. His father and Jeneba’s father were awfully close, which is how he knew about her looking for a husband.

“Mohamed Diop, please introduce yourself.” Tonto Ali said. Mohamed stood where Thierno once was, and cleared his throat.

He felt Jeneba’s gaze on him. It was now or never. “Greetings everyone, my name is Mohamed Diop. A few things about me– I am twenty-six years old. I am currently an accountant for this major company in our city. I am getting a bit older and I have decided it is time to settle down.”

Now, it was Jeneba’s turn to speak. His hands were a bit clammy. None of the suitors knew the types of questions Jeneba was going to ask. The suitors were told to just be themselves. Whatever that meant.

“Mohamed, what is something that differentiates you from the other suitors who have introduced themselves?” Excellent question. Well, he was definitely wiser, but he did not want to sound too cocky. He needed to win her over, and he had to do it by any means necessary.

He smiled. Women couldn’t resist his smile. His mother always told him how handsome he was. He hoped Jeneba paid close attention to his looks. It would give him plenty of points.

“I would make a lovely husband. I can cook very well, so you wouldn’t have to worry about that. I have a well paying job, so you never have to worry about income. One day I hope Allah grants me children. I love kids. To be your husband, Jeneba, would be an honor.” He smiled again. Award winning smile.

Jeneba’s eyes widened. “Wow, um okay you mentioned that you can cook. What African dishes can you cook?”

Was she for real? Was that really a question? Would Omlette be considered an African dish? No, he could not say that, he was already on a roll.

“I can cook thiep (jollof rice), soup kandja (okra soup), and definitely attieke. All of your favorites, beautiful.” This was too easy, and the words came out smoothly. If there was a lie detector, he would’ve been thrown out and no longer be considered a suitor.

Jeneba scoffed loudly, baffled by Mohamed’s answers. “Okay, last question for you. What would you do if your family does not accept me as your wife?”

But why was he the first suitor to receive the hardest questions? He had to be very creative. “If– emphasis on the word if– my family does not accept you, I would simply leave them. You would be my wife, and I vow to spend the rest of my life with you. I would fight to be with you every step of the way. My family can no longer dictate whom I can be with, let alone marry. My love, I assure you that you have nothing to worry about.”

Mohamed bit his bottom lip, stopping himself from grinning. There it was, the final statement. The statement that will advance his career. Soon, he would become Mr. Mohamed Sy.

Jeneba’s husband.

Tonto Ali approached Mohamed. “Thank you for your answers, Mohamed, you may have a seat.”

Next suitor. Khalil. The polygamist.

Woah! What do you think about Mohamed? Look out for Khalil’s story in the next blog post šŸ™‚

Written by Diaka Thiam

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