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“Hey ma, this is my boyfriend.”- An African Girl who isn’t allowed to date

I didn’t think I was going to write this post, but here I am typing away. I will not lie to you all and say that I have never dated anyone. Or, that I have never been in a relationship. Please, as we discuss my dating life, let’s not judge? I’m saying this as if it’s bad. It’s really not that bad. As an African Muslim woman, I am not allowed to date. Religiously, yes, I am not allowed. However, my parents, who are strict traditional African parents, do not… Read more “Hey ma, this is my boyfriend.”- An African Girl who isn’t allowed to date

The Braiding Shop

The smell of hair grease. The harsh texture of the synthetic hair, also known as “horse hair.” The soft black leather seats with a small tear on each of them. The 32″ Samsung television playing the same Nollywood movie. And my mother, sitting behind one of the black leather chairs. Her right fingers holding the strands of synthetic hair, ready to braid the customers hair. Her fingers gripping tightly onto the customers kinky textured dark brown hair. The customer’s soft hiss can be heard. She is wincing in pain, as… Read more The Braiding Shop

Pronounce this African Girl’s Name Right 2

And we are back with pronouncing my name wrong edition 2. It has been three years since I wrote the post “Pronounce this African Girl’s Name Right.” Yeah, three years. There has been a lot of changes since I wrote that post. In 2016 and 2017, I went by Diaka (Dee-ah-kuh). It was a struggle getting people to pronounce it right. It got to the point where I started to hate the name Diaka. Can I be honest with you? Diaka is not my real name. The pronunciation of Diaka… Read more Pronounce this African Girl’s Name Right 2

my thoughts…

Note: here are some of my thoughts, I have the dates down because that’s when I wrote them. they’re short entries, so I didn’t really elaborate or anything. As I continue to jot down my thoughts, I will edit them and add them to this post.  05/22/2018 Sometimes, we let certain things bother us to the point where we lose it. It can be the smallest thing and we let it get in our heads. We let it strangle us, taking the oxygen away from us. Unable to breath, feeling… Read more my thoughts…

“Since when did you become Muslim?”

When I was in middle school, I decided to wear the hijab. I remember the first time I wore it. I wore this white hijab with tiny diamonds on it. I hated wearing white but I really wanted to look nice. My hijab was wrapped around my dark face. It was my first day as an eighth grader. Till this day, I do not remember what made me wear the hijab. My parents did not force me at all. I was a 13 year old girl who wanted to begin… Read more “Since when did you become Muslim?”