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“10 Lessons…from an African girl.”

I am ashamed of myself. I promise in 2020, I will be more consistent. But I am happy to share my 10 lessons of 2019. I am not going to lie… some of these lessons I had to keep learning. 2019 was an interesting year for me, and I am ready to welcome the new year 🙂 1. “A little bit of change won’t hurt…” I struggle with change. But recently though, I’ve learned to accept it. I was so used to a specific routine. To me, change could be anything. It… Read more “10 Lessons…from an African girl.”


Yesterday Yesterday, I called my grandmother  I asked her what it meant to be an African woman,  To hold and protect a household, that you’ve built.  To carry a household on your back with a single yirame,  Tie it to your chest and your stomach,  To quiet it down whenever it cries, pacing yourself with calmness and ease  To feed it when it’s hungry,  To never scream,  Even when you’ve been told multiple times that you are just a woman,  To claim the kitchen as your safe haven because you’re… Read more Femme.

“Where’s your husband, Diakha?”

I know, another blog post about marriage. I’m sorry but when you’re a 22 year old African woman, you are constantly asked about marriage. I recently had a conversation with an aunt of mine and this conversation left me confused. This is how the conversation went down— Aunt: do you have a husband yet?  Me: no not yet but auntie I’m gradu- Aunt: no do you have a husband? Are you talking to anyone? Do you want to get married?  Me: yes aunty, of course, but I’m gradua- Aunt: You… Read more “Where’s your husband, Diakha?”


I have disappeared. But wait, you have to understand why it has been a while. Your girl had to finish up her degree! Two weeks ago, I graduated with my Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychological and Social Sciences. There was a lot going on in the past 6 months. My main focus last semester were my internship and thesis. I had never been so stressed out, but I made it. When I tell you how proud I am of myself, you probably would not believe me. This blog post… Read more Unpredictable.